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Candidate for OUSD School Board Director - District 7

Victor Javier Valerio

Victor Javier Valerio

OUSD School Board Director

Bright MUNI employee eager to re-engineer OUSD



TL;DR: Bright guy with budget experience who wants to take a market-based approach to the public vs. charter divide


Victor Valerio was born and raised in Oakland and he graduated from Fremont High School. He went to San Francisco State University and works for the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency. Valerio is currently a Commissioner for the Citizens’ Oversight Bond Committee for Measures A, B and J in the Oakland Unified School District, which is responsible for reviewing and reporting on the use of taxpayer money spent on school construction, and making recommendations to the district about expenditures for bond-related projects.

Official Platform

Valerio’s platform and detailed ideas make it clear that he’s thought a lot about the district. He says, “OUSD must be a parent’s first-choice school system, no matter their income level.” In an interview with the Oaklandside, he said he did not want to vilify charter schools, but he does think that OUSD needs to be more competitive with charter and private schools. And while the market of school choice gives us interesting signals, we’re not sure that’s the right framing for a public service – education – to target.

He also wants to drastically restructure OUSD’s administration. When Valerio writes about the desire to “pursue for comprehensive restructuring of the Superintendent’s office, departments, and offices” and to “implement a site-based management style of administration to determine the needs of school campuses,” we’re reminded of the phenomenon where early career engineers like Valerio are eager to restructure every complex system they see; that’s often a mistake.

Notable supporters

  • Roseann Torres- Oakland School Board Director District 5
  • Shanthi Gonzales- Oakland School Board Director District 6 (who also endorsed Molina)
  • Sheila Jordan - former Alameda County Superintendent of Education and Teacher
  • Joe Coto- former California State Assembly member (2004-2010), Oakland Superintendent 1984-1988) and Teacher
  • Dan Siegel- former Oakland School Board Director(1998-2006) and Mayoral Candidate (2016)
  • Oakland Rising
  • Wellstone Democratic Renewal Club
  • Communications Workers of America Local 9415
  • Educators for Democratic Schools


Main vibes: Overconfident but his heart’s in the right place. He seems like a clear thinker, but he’s overconfident and didn’t stand out in the forum this writer watched.

Budget expertise vibes: Through his bond oversight he’s seen firsthand some of the OUSD administration’s financial disorder. But we’re skeptical about the desire to personally rebuild the administration brick by brick.

Needs a Twitter tutorial vibes: At this point in his life, he sends messages on Twitter without having clearly thought about how they’ll be useful to their recipients. He’s a bit of a Twitter spammer, and that’s saying a lot coming from us since we all met on Twitter.