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Candidate for OUSD School Board Director - District 7

Bronché Taylor

Bronché Taylor

OUSD School Board Director

A former OUSD teacher who is pro-charter school, anti-Measure Y, and not doing the homework



TL;DR: A former OUSD teacher who is pro-charter school, anti-Measure Y, and not doing the homework


Bronché Taylor does not have a working website ( is dead for us as of writing), and he also does not seem to be active on social media yet. In addition, he left several of the questions on the Oaklandside’s questionnaire blank. At the Action 2020 forum, Taylor said, “I don’t consider myself a politician, rather a socially engaged artist!”

Taylor has done nonprofit work for Youth Uprising, Alternatives in Action, and the Oakland Public Education Fund, where he currently works. Taylor’s documented concern about funding for education dates back to when he was a student himself. He also helped start the Oakland Best Buy Teen Tech Center.

Official platform

In the Action 2020 candidate forum, he was enthusiastic about wanting community involvement (extra advisory committees) and talked a lot about centering care for students: to deal with safety, hunger, and keeping schools around for our kids. That said, Taylor barely touches on these issues in his questionnaire for the Oaklandside, and we wonder how much of these policies are actually commitments as opposed to off-the-cuff comments. In his interview with the Oaklandside’s reporters, Taylor said he opposed Measure Y, was for charter schools because they give parents choice, and wants to engage more with the public.

Notable Supporters

None known at this time


Main vibe: Not doing the homework. While this person seems like a delight who we’re glad to see involved in the District as an educator and advocate, he is not ready for prime time. With no website, a partially-filled questionnaire, and a few forum appearances, Taylor barely seems to be running for the Board, and your vote is better spent on the other more serious candidates.