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Allyssa Victory

Allyssa Victory

Mayor of Oakland

Love housing, public banking, social housing, guaranteed basic income, or housing? So does she!


  • Office: Mayor of Oakland

TL;DR: Love housing, public banking, social housing, guaranteed basic income, or housing? So does she!


Allyssa Victory is passionate about housing, housing, and housing. All the problems she wishes to address and all the solutions she offers all come back to housing, whether it’s homeless encampments, public safety, business tax, or reparations for redlining.

Allyssa Victory was one of three candidates who were jerked around by the City Clerk regarding critical candidacy paperwork filing deadlines, and for a hot week had her name stricken from the ballot. Despite the “welp too late to do anything now” response from the City, Allyssa Victory advocated and fought her way back onto the ballot. Having experienced a similar decertification many years ago, Greg Hodge was vocal in calling for Victory’s name to be restored to the ballot.


Allyssa Victory is a labor attorney, co-drafted the Black New Deal, and worked to oppose the policy to sweep homeless camps. As someone who experienced eviction as a kid, she prioritizes housing, especially social housing. She is also a union member, and part of her union’s bargaining committee.

Stance on policing

Victory takes credit for helping get police out of schools, and her public safety platform includes accountability, distributing public safety responsibility across multiple city departments, and data-driven redistribution of police to areas with the greatest needs (something she mentioned again at the August 30 Center for Elders’ Independence candidate forum). She also wishes to end cooperation with ICE, and to divert youth and first-time offenders to alternatives to incarceration.

At the August 30 Center for Elders’ Independence candidate forum, Victory’s plan to reduce gun violence included gun buyback programs, expanding alternatives like MACRO or preventative strategies of the Department for Violence Prevention, and providing housing and healthcare.

Stance on the Howard Terminal A’s Stadium

Victory is very familiar with this question, having participated in the 2020 city-sponsored community benefits agreement process. Like other candidates, Victory is keeping a critical eye on what community benefits may result from a move to Howard Terminal. [Read more]

Stance on abortion

Victory has been vocal in her support for abortion after the overturning of Roe.

Notable supporters

Notable campaign donors

While Victory’s campaign fundraising is fairly low by the numbers, she has the highest proportion of contributions below $100 of all the mayoral candidates who have received donations. Her donors identify themselves as in civil rights law, education, clean energy, and nonprofit orgs. There are a nontrivial number of donations from people who identify as unemployed.

  • Jose Bernal, Ella Baker Center for Human Rights
  • James Chang, Commissioner, Berkeley Rent Board
  • David Kakishiba, East Bay Asian Youth Center