How you can vote in Oakland on or before June 29 2021

How do I vote?

For the 2021 special election on June 29, if you are already registered, you’ll receive your ballot by mail as early as May 31. You can verify your registration address and voter status at

In-person voting is still an option if you want. Accessible Voting Locations open beginning June 26, and Polling Places will be open on the actual election day of June 29.

Remember to sign your mail-in ballot!

Check if you are registered to vote Track your ballot

Here are important dates:

  • May 31: Ballots mailed out

  • June 14: Deadline to register to vote

    • Super procrastinator? Us, too. If you miss that deadline, you can still register to vote conditionally with a provisional ballot the day-of– it’s California law. You will need to find an in-person Polling Place.
  • June 26-29: In-person voting! Accessible Voting Locations open beginning June 26, and Polling Places will be open on the actual election day of June 29. The list of polling places will likely be available at

By Mail:

All Californians who are registered to vote this year will receive ballots by mail, sent out beginning May 31. Track your ballot

Dropping off your ballot:

All the latest ballot dropoff information is at

Alameda County has set up 24-hour Ballot Drop Box sites. You can find your closest one at

Ballots can also be dropped at Accessible Voting Locations

At a Polling Place:

We encourage in-person polling where possible (SAFELY, please!), but we’d like to note that the regular neighborhood polling places will likely again (like 2020) not be implemented this election, so you may need to travel further than you are used to! There will also again likely be fewer polling places than usual. Be prepared, find a polling place on the AC Vote website.

Rides to the Polls:

We are looking for free and cheap ways to transport voters to the polls! If you have more suggestions, please let us know!

What if I never get a ballot?

You will need to go to one of the polling places and tell them you need to vote provisionally because your ballot was lost in the mail. We anticipate this may happen to many voters. You should get a stub, which is essentially a receipt, from the ballot they give you to fill out–you can use that to look up when your ballot was counted.

Voting Accessibility:

As with previous years, Alameda County allows curbside voting for those unable to enter the polling place, and as required by law offer accessible voting booths. For more info on accessible voting, check out the AC vote website.